This course has been developed for Africa by Africans with the aim to create a network of appropriately trained specialists with an interest in heart failure to take a leadership role in their region, country, and local institutions.

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2023 Escalator Award Winner - Dr Nafisa Elsammani

Dr. Nafisa Elsammani

Mentor Match Award – Mentee 2023

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PASCAR is an organisation of physicians from across Africa involved in prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and is concerned by the lack of progress in the diagnosis and effective treatment of cardiovascular disease across Africa. 

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The Lancet 2021 08 Profile: Ana Mocumbi - Cardiologist tracking NCDs of poverty

Meet Prof Ana Mocumbi a pioneer in Africa "Gene Bukhman, Director of the Center for Integration Science at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA, co-chaired the Lancet Commission on NCDs and injuries (NCDIs) with Mocumbi. He recalls first meeting her in 2007 at the Pan-African Society of Cardiology meeting in Nairobi: “It was clear even at that time that Ana was one of the leaders of a new generation of cardiologists in Africa that were focused on the neglected diseases of the rural poor."

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CVJA Online Journal 2022 April PASCAR and KCS Congress 2021 Proceedings

CVJA Online Journal 2022 April PASCAR and KCS Congress 2021 Proceedings

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