Clinical Research Training


PASCAR TASK FORCE:  Clinical Research Training

Task Force Chairperson: Prof Mahmoud Sani (Nigeria):

Task Force Co-Chair: Prof Friedrich Thienemann (South Africa):

Task Force Committee Member: Prof Karen Sliwa (South Africa)

Task Force representative Northern Africa:    Dr Selim Boudiche (Tunisia)

Task Force representative Eastern Africa:      Dr Pilly Chillo (Tanzania)

Task Force representative Western Africa:     Dr Mahmoud Sani (Nigeria)

Task Force representative Central Africa:       Prof Anastase Dzudie (Cameroon)

Task Force representative Southern Africa:    Prof Mark Engel (South Africa)


Russell JBW, Koroma TR, Sesay S, et al. Burden of cardiometabolic risk factors and preclinical target organ damage among adults in Freetown, Sierra Leone: a community-based health-screening survey. BMJ Open 2023;13:e067643. doi:10.1136/ bmjopen-2022-067643. Click here to read and download


Friedrich Thienemann, Mahmoud U. Sani, Karen Sliwa, Elijah N. Ogola. The Pan African Society of Cardiology and its commitment to clinical research training. European Heart Journal (2022) 43, 2652 - 2654. (click here to read and download)


The joint 15th Pan-African Society of Cardiology and Kenya Cardiac Society congress proceedings, 2021. Cardiovasc J Afr (2022); 33: 88–94.. (click here to read and download)

PASCAR Clinical Research Training Task Force Seminar, Cape Heart Institute, University of Cape Town, 14 November 2022. (2022). Cardiovascular Journal of Africa. 33:6. pg 333. Click here to read and download

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PASCAR Clinical Research Training TF Short Course 2023

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PASCAR Clinical Research Training Task Force 1-day Seminar - 14 November 2022

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