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Kenya Cardiac Society

The Kenya Cardiac Society was founded by the late Prof. Hillary Ojiambo and Prof. Peter Odhiambo, and 8 members of the 1980 Kenyatta National Hospital Cardiac Team. The society has since grown and is now a member of the World Heart Federation. It has more than 100 active members, and has a wide variety of activities.

Vision: The champion for the advancement of cardiovascular health in Kenya and in the region, discovery and dissemination of best practices.

Mission: To promote and maintain highest standards of cardiovascular care through the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, the education of public and the professionals, the promotion of best practices and the encouragement, support and coordination of research in collaboration with key stakeholders.


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Rwanda Heart Foundation



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The Egyptian Society of Cardiology

The Egyptian Society of Cardiology is one of the oldest scientific societies in Egypt. Its' activities started in the early 50s as the first scientific branch of the Egyptian Medical Society in the Egyptian Medical Syndicate. It was announced as an independent NGO in 1975, but kept working from the Egyptian Medical Syndicate for almost 18 more years till the main office was transferred to the present building.

The Egyptian society of cardiology (EgSC) is a big society with around more than 3000 members and has a good international relationship with different societies all over the world. The EgSC is founded in 1951 by Professor Mohamed Ibrahim, It is a non-profit organization. The Egyptian Society of Cardiology aims to raise the level of scientific research, efficiency and knowledge of its members through various activities. It also aims to prevent and fight the different cardiovascular diseases in our community and raise the public awareness of the burden of such diseases.


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South African Heart Associaton

The South African Heart Association was formally constituted in September 1999, from the amalgamation of the Southern African Cardiac Society and the South African Society of Cardiac Practitioners, becoming the sole organisation representing the professional interests of all cardiologists and cardio-thoracic surgeons in the country.

In 2016 SA Heart® became a non-profit company, the South African Heart Association NPC.

Our membership now includes many medical technologists, nursing personnel and scientists involve in cardiovascular research. The special interest groups affiliated to SA Heart include the Paediatric Cardiac Society, the Arrhythmia Society, the Cardiac Imaging Society, the Surgical Group, the Society of Cardiovascular Intervention, the Heart Failure Society, the Society of Cardiac Research and the Lipid and Atherosclerosis Society.

About SA Heart®
We are the scientific leaders in South Africa in cardiovascular healthcare delivery, research and education. Our mission is to champion equitable and sustainable healthcare, to lead and innovate in the cardiovascular sciences, to educate healthcare professionals and the public as well as influence cardiovascular healthcare policy. Our ultimate vision is the advancement of cardiovascular healthcare for all those living in South Africa


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The Moroccan Society of Cardiology (SMC)

The Moroccan Society of Cardiology (SMC) is a medical society created in 1974 and brings together more than 800 members under its supervision.

Our objectives are to indicate the rules for the proper exercise of cardiological practice, to educate physicians and the general population on the risks of cardiovascular diseases and their prevention, to develop scientific research in the cardiovascular field, as well as to promote quality education and continuing medical training through its scientific days.


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Tunisian Society of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery - STCCCV

STCCCV was founded in 1973. It gathers the community of cardiologists and cardiac and vascular surgeons in Tunisia. It currently counts more than 500 members.

STCCCV has 11 working groups and is the publisher of an e.journal ‘La Revue Tunisienne de Cardiologie’ (Tunisian Journal of Cardiology)

STCCCV has an Educational Youtube Channel ‘STCCC Educational Channel’ with weekly videos to help cardiologists in their daily practice.

STCCCV provides certified training in specific topics.

STCCCV is very active on social media to reach patients.

STCCCV is scientifically very active and has so far 5 national registries (NAtional Tunisian REgistries NATURE) which included more than 35000 patients.

STCCCV develops national guidelines in collaboration with the Tunisian National Instance for Health Evaluation and Accreditation (INEAS)


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Ghanaian Society of Cardiology - GSC

The organization was previously called Ghanaian Society of Hypertension and Cardiology (GHASHCAR) which was formed in 2003 with Prof Albert Amoah as the maiden president. In 2004, GHASHCAR won the presidency of PASCAR. The Society became dormant in 2012 and was revamped as the Ghanaian Society of Cardiology in 2017 with Prof. Isaac Kofi Owusu as the president. Dr Alfred Doku then became president of GSC from February 2021.

A fundamental goal of the GSC is to drive the acquisition and advancement of knowledge
in cardiology, its sub-specialties and the basic sciences relevant to it for the benefit of the
people in Ghana and beyond.

The Society shall achieve this goal through the following:

  • Promote, educate, encourage, and advance the study and practice of the art of Cardiology.
  • Provide constructive support to Government and other appropriate authorities for initiation, promotion, running and development of postgraduate courses in Cardiology.
  • Work with all stakeholders and societies to advance and improve policies and human resource planning by the Ministry of Health of Ghana to fight cardiovascular diseases and other non-communicable diseases.
  • Promote prevention of cardiovascular diseases and risk factors through awareness programs.
  • Organize educational and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs for specialist doctors, Medical Officers, paramedics, and other relevant health professionals to ensure best practice in the field of cardiology.
  • Organise National, Regional, and International scientific conferences and similar platforms for the presentation of clinical and scientific advances to local and international audiences and maintain a reference library.
  • Publish and distribute educational material such as bulletins, journals, books, etc. to enable easy and fast access to up-to-date information in cardiology.
  • Raise funds to help finance the activities of the Society in accordance with this constitution.
  • Promote interaction with other like-minded National and International organizations to help attain the afore mentioned aims and for mutual benefit.


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