WHF PASCAR RHD Small Grant Winner Announcement

  • 28 July 2017 | WHF PASCAR RHD Small Grant Winner Announcement

We are pleased to announce that the recipients of the PASCAR and WHF RHD Small Grants are:

Namibia:         National Penicillin Chain Task Force to strengthen the National Programme - Dr Tangeni Auala

Nigeria:           National Round Table to galvanize government and non-government organizations - Dr Fidelia Bode-Thomas

Sudan:            Workshop to encourage integration of training programmes in Minister of Health of poor provinces - Prof Sulafa Ali

Zimbabwe:      Hold a Satellite meeting at a medical conference with stakeholders including Minister of Health - Prof Jonathan Matenga

We support proposals to foster a policy dialogue with policy makers in the Ministry of Health and related departments that will introduce them to the AU Communiqué and lead to government supported national programmes, policy and initiatives.

Congratulations to these Countries, we wish them all the best with their programs.

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