Thailand Training, September 2015

  • 25 November 2015

But at the same time I feel very motivated and excited for the things waiting to happen during my training in a foreign country, with new colleagues and presumably different healthcare system and strategies. After a full day of travelling, I finally arrived in my hotel which was cosy and comfortable.  Of course, I took the time to rest and sleep for tomorrow will be another day.During my first week, I had struggles like being drained emotionally and communication barriers. But, I must say that I am really impressed on how the CCIT cathlab staff works, especially the doctors and their strategies in intervention. I need to say it again, I am totally IMPRESSED!

My second and third weeks were becoming comfortable and I started to enjoy myself with my new found friends. I have managed to establish a rapport and developed a working and social relationship with the staff and the doctors. I have started to scrub for most of the cases, and was able to use the Boston iLab for some cases, as well as the rotablator.

My fourth week was difficult. I have grown fond of my colleagues and was enjoying their working environment. They have a very healthy relationship with each other from the Doctors to the nurses to the health auxiliaries, actually to everyone.  I am comfortably assisting cases, scrubbing for complicated PCIs such as 3 vessel diseases and CTOs. I was really enjoying and very comfortable working with everybody.

You could have noticed that I was using the words enjoy and comfortable redundantly, I must say I have no other words to describe what I felt while I was doing the training. I have learnt so much from everybody who was very willing to teach me even though they always had a long and busy day. I may have had experienced one of the best working environment, but on top of the skills and strategies in cathlab, I have learned the spirit of RESPECT, UNITY and RESPONSIBILITY.

I have very good memories inside and outside cathlab. We had a lot of moments of laughter inside cathlab while doing cases or even while waiting for the cases to start. Everybody has left a special mark in my heart that I will forever cherish.

I am most especially thankful to Mr. George Nel and Ms. Sanette Zietsman of PASCAR, and to Mr. David Raath of Boston Scientific, for the rare opportunity they have given to me and  for the coordination from the flights to the hotel to the people who took care of me while in Thailand. To the CCIT cathlab team and the Doctors, your hospitality is definitely overwhelming. Everybody has shown me nothing but kindness. It is deeply appreciated. Again, thank you everybody.

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