PASCAR Small Grant Award PROGRESS REPORT – Zimbabwe (August & September 2017)

  • 10 October 2017 | PASCAR Small Grant Award PROGRESS REPORT – Zimbabwe (August & September 2017)

PASCAR Small Grant Award PROGRESS REPORT – Zimbabwe

Advocating for Rheumatic Heart Disease Eradication in Zimbabwe

The University of Zimbabwe College of Health Sciences (UZCHS) Rheumatic Heart Diseases (RHD) research team is implementing the PASCAR grant, whose purpose is to advocate for the eradication of RHD in Zimbabwe through dissemination and promotion of the African Union Communiqué on National Programmes for the Prevention and control of RHD in Zimbabwe.

Below are the highlights of the month of August 2017; Dissemination of AU Communiqué

The RHD PASCAR team presented at the Zimbabwe Medical Association (ZiMA) Congress on the 17th of August 2017. This is an annual event where all the medical practitioners both general and physicians come together discussing medical issues and challenges in Zimbabwe. The organising committee gave the RHD team a one hour plenary session slot for the presentations.  

The presentations made were as follows: 

  • The RHD Epidemiology by Dr Fana from UZCHS
  • Rheumatic Heart Disease Routine Data Collection by Dr Manangazira from Ministry of Health and Child Care (MoHCC)
  • Stroke and Rheumatic Heart Disease in Zimbabwe by Dr Ngwende from UZCHS
  • RHD & Heart Failure by Munyandu from UZCHS
  • RF and RHD in Children by Dr Gapu from UZCHS
  • Primary and Secondary prevention by Dr Bwakura from UZCHS
  • Dissemination of the AU Communiqué and way forward by Prof Hakim from UZCHS 

The session which was earmarked for one hour ended up taking longer because of the interest and subsequent discussion which ensued. During discussions there was a general agreement that the issue of prophylaxis be activated and that we try to capture as much data by activities by province. It was also agreed that follow-up dissemination meetings be planned with an immediate one arranged for the National Association of Physicians of Zimbabwe (a grouping of specialists only) on 1-3 September 2017. 

In attendance at the Congress were general practitioners, physicians and representatives from the Ministry of Health and representatives from other NGOs and other UN agencies WHO and UNICEF.  Local health authorities i.e. City Health and Provincial Health Institutions were also represented by their directors. 

Below are the highlights of the month of September 2017;

RHD presentation at the National Physicians Association of Zimbabwe Congress (NaPAZ)

The RHD PASCAR team presented at the National Association of Physicians of Zimbabwe Congress from 31 August to 2 September 2017. NaPAZ is a grouping of specialist’s physicians and Prof Matenga and the team had an opportunity to talk about the RHD PASCAR initiative. For the full programme of the event click ( 

Radio talk shows on the Eradication of RHD in Zimbabwe and dissemination of the AU Communiqué

The RHD team had an opportunity to talk about RHD issues on 2 radio shows. This was a platform to further conscientise the community about RHD/ARF, so that they are aware of the causes and how to prevent ARF/RHD. 

Star FM Zimbabwe Radio talk show

Dr Munyandu one member of the RHD team had a talk show on Star FM Zimbabwe radio on the 11th of September from 1130am – 1200 noon during the Breeze slot. The talk show was very popular with listeners asking a lot of questions via the radio WhatsApp platform. Star FM Zimbabwe is the first commercial radio station and number one in the country by market share, leading in information and entertainment

Capitalk FM Radio talk show

Drs Bwakura and Fana on the 18th of September, had a talk show on Capitalk FM radio on their Health Matters slot from 1800 – 1900 hours. During this 1 hour slot, the duo discussed the causes, cases and prevention methods for RHD. Again, this was a popular session. Capitalk Radio is the only talk radio station in Zimbabwe, currently with coverage in Harare only

Newspaper article

A newspaper article was written and shared with one of the local newspaper company for consideration to be included in their paper. 

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