PASCAR Nursing Exchange Programme: October 2017

  • 06 November 2017 | PASCAR Nursing Exchange Programme: October 2017

PASCAR Nursing Exchange Programme: October 2017 

Lorraine Gaweses' experience:

The trip to Ghana had me in mixed feelings before I travelled. The excitement of being one of the pioneers of a venture of its magnitude and at the same time the fear of being far from home for so long and not knowing what to expect of the West African region.

I arrived in Ghana and was welcomed by the most humble and hospitable people I have ever come across. The warm hearts of the Ghanaian people made Accra a home away from home and not a minute did I feel homesick. 

I was invited to give training to the nurses who will be working in the catheterisation laboratory and to my suprise I had nurses, a medical techologist, radiographers and a medical practitioner as my students. The experience humbled me so much, I never thought that I would bring value to the mentioned people in their different professions/disciplines.

Although I only had time for didactic teaching and very little time for practical teaching, being involved in the setting up of the catheterisation laboratory was equally a humbling experience.

I would like to thank PASCAR for facilitating the Ghana programme and selecting the Namibian catheterisation laboratory team to be a part of the programme.

I would like to thank Dr S.I. Beshir for putting so much trust and faith in me and for believing in me. Thank you for allowing me to reach the stars and allowing me to grow to my maximum potential and beyond. I thank the A team who supported me during this time. As I save the best for last I thank Professor N. Ossei-Gerning and the Euracare-Ghana family for welcoming me and finding value in the time I spent with the Euracare-Ghana team.

Kind regards 

Lorraine Gaweses 

Report from Euracare

The 3 weeks Lorraine gave to us in Euracare was in our judgement incalculable. 

1) Nearly 2 weeks of didactic teaching to nurses, physiologist, doctors and radiographers.

2) Setting up the lab in all its detail and complexity

3) Actually doing a case, the first in the lab and the de-brief.


Best of all; Lorraine did all that with grace, patience, meekness and a lot of class.

We all love and miss her, on behalf of Euracare, thank you for your coming to help us.

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